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How to get your first online order?

Conversion method for online orders from your website

Are you already using a commission based online ordering system? Once customers see the cheaper prices on your genuine website (no need to factor in commission for the delivery third parties), they will naturally keep coming back. It’s win-win to you and your customers.


1. Focus on encouraging customers to order from your genuine website (The green circle).

2. It will save you a lot of commission fees and you can build your customer information list.

3. When you have enough customer information in your database, you can do your won promo deals to increase sales.

Conversion Promo Memo

In the delivery box or pickup box, put this little memo and direct your customers to your own website (Size: Business card)


1. When walk in customers or pick up customers come to your restaurant, make sure your staff gives them this memo.

2.When a delivery person comes to your restaurant, don’t forget to put this memo into the delivery box.


Put small info cards on the dine-in tables to highlight your website URL, along with a tasty dish photo. This way, every dine-in customer of yours may also become an online client, ordering more often, together with more people, without even occupying valuable table space during peak times.

Slip one of those info cards inside the bag of every takeout order. When the ordering client unwraps the package, he/she may actually leave it on the table while eating. There are good chances your customer is not eating alone, so your info card could actually be seen by more people.

Conversion Poster

Display your conversion poster where customers can easily see it (Size: A3)


When walk in customers come to your restaurant, they will see the poster and start ordering from your website

Window Conversion Sticker

Put your sticker outside of the restaurant door or window to divert customer to your own website(Size: 30cm*30cm)


1. Customers can see “GENUINE” on the sign which makes them think ordering from that website will help the local restaurant.

2. Once customers order from your website, they will come back because it is cheaper than the other commission based websites.


letting people know that you are now doing this. In fact you are even happier to engage in an online interaction. Really. Build confidence within your clients that if they try ordering online from you, someone would really like to take care of them. A simple headline like “All online orders are manually confirmed by us! Find out in real-time when your food is ready!” can do wonders for your initial adoption rate.



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